Words of Gratitude from Local 130, Calgary

Words of Gratitude from Local 130, Calgary

October 2013

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Local 130 flood

In recent months, we have all witnessed or have been affected by the devastating fury of Mother Nature. In October of 2012, Hurricane Sandy hit the Eastern seaboard extensively and those affected are still dealing with the aftermath. Soon after in May 2013, Oklahoma was not spared the ravages of tornadoes achieving, in some cases, category-five levels. In June of this year, levels of flooding not seen if decades hit Calgary. Through all of these natural disasters, one thing remained constant—the resolve and solidarity of all IUEC members coming together and without second thought, rising to the occasion to aid those members hardest hit.

The rebuilding and restoring of lives and homes would not be possible without the support of IUEC members. Whether it was sweat equity or contributions from individual members and locals from all over North America, these acts even extended to neighbors and friends. The compassion and determination that resides in the members of the IUEC can’t be measured but most certainly can be felt. This is not to say that employers did not do their part; they too were there for our brothers and sisters.

The pictures show the story, from the damage to the re-building. So with this in mind we should all be proud to belong to an organization that truly supports our members and society at large. There isn’t much more that can be said, but from the hearts of the members of Local 130, we are in your debt and no matter what we all face, we will face it together.



THANK YOU, from the members of Local 130.