What the Other Side Isn’t Saying

Every side has a story, but we let transparency tell ours.

The Canada’s Building Trades Unions know there is a debate around unionized labour, and we will gladly participate in a debate – if it is open, not hidden behind so called authorities on the issue who have the ear of the people committed to ending the livelihood of a sizable working population – men and women who earn their living working union job sites, and in turn create strong communities.


The relationship between the unions that comprise Canada’s Building Trades Unions and their members is built on transparency and accountability.  Local leadership is democratically elected, usually with a higher voter turn out than federal or provincial election. Union members decide how their dues are spent.  The members approve budgets and audited statements are readily available to members for approval.

Unions are democracy in action.  Each member has a voice.  Each member has a vote.  Each member can advance issues, concerns and be heard.  Skill level, gender, and seniority makes no difference, each has the right to take action.