Job Training & Certification

Jobs in the building trades provide a better quality of life – a rewarding career with pensions, benefits and job training.

Skilled construction trades make up the largest single group of apprentices and these trades work in various industries. Apprenticeships, on the job training and mentoring in the industry are crucial to creating a vibrant, trained and professional workforce.  Canada’s Building Trades Unions know that apprentices in unionized settings are 30% more likely to complete their apprenticeship. Completion rates are higher for many reasons including a better screening process for applicants; a better chance of getting the necessary number of hours; a reduced likelihood of changing employers to seek a better opportunity during the apprenticeship.


For workers, unionized construction jobs tend to have much better pension plans and benefits packages than the same jobs in a non-unionized environment, thus helping workers better care for their families, and contribute to their communities.

With greater opportunities for available training, unionized construction workers have a better chance to achieve designations such as a “Red Seal” endorsement, which provides greater mobility, increased opportunity and better pay.  And unionized work places tend to have a better ratio of journeymen to apprentices – thus better supervision of new workers in a field that can be hazardous.  For example, through a network of training facilities in Ontario, 3 million hours of training is delivered every year for apprenticeships and skills upgrades and health and safety training.