Helmets to Hardhats: How Can You Get Involved?

Helmets to Hardhats: How Can You Get Involved?

Helmets to Hardhats (H2H) Canada is a partnership with the United Brotherhood, other Canadian Building Trades Unions, union employers, and governments across Canada. The UBC recognizes the valuable contribution that members of Canadian Forces have made to our country, as well as the outstanding qualities and experience that they offer. The H2H program is focused on career opportunities in Canada for anyone who has served or is currently serving and looking to transition to a civilian career, in either the Regular or Reserve Force Components of the Canadian Forces.

Making this transition from the military into the civilian workforce can be difficult. Helmets to Hardhats was formed for this reason and is dedicated to offering members of the Canadian Forces the required apprenticeship training and supports to achieve journeyperson status in any of the applicable trades within the Canadian building and construction industry. Depending on existing qualifications and experience, the apprenticeship training process may be shortened or by-passed so as to enable a fast-tracked achievement of journeyperson status.  The UBC is committed to helping make that transition smooth and beneficial for these men and women of the Canadian Forces so that they can become future members of the United Brotherhood.

As a proud sponsor and participant in this program, the UBC is looking to increase the number of participants in the program. The ultimate goal of the UBC is to connect these individuals with quality career and training opportunities in our industry. If a member, a Local or a UBC Training Center is interested in getting involved in the program please contact Robert Dornan at

We also encourage anyone interested in the program to visit the unique online registration process and click “Register Here” under “Employer and Trade Unions”.

Finally, if you have any further questions concerning this program, you can contact the H2H office at (613) 238-2300 or toll free at 1-(855) 238-9707.