Economic Growth

For a century and a half, unions have been at the forefront of struggles for rights and protections that Canadian workers now rely upon to uphold our standard of living. Since WWII, union members have led the way to the middle class for hundreds of thousands of Canadian families.

Union members have not been the only ones to benefit; union wages and benefit improvements have coursed their way through the economy for the betterment of many more. Pensions, maternity leave, holiday pay, and equal pay for equal work – now a normal course of business, is the result of unions fighting for the benefits and rights for all workers.


The construction industry can be very transitory in nature. Jobs can come and go with projects start and completion. For union members, a trip to the local union hall to sign an “out of work” list leads to being dispatched to another construction project.  With the growth of the construction sector in Canada, no worker should want for employment.

Construction work is often dangerous. Canada’s Building Trades have made great strides in health and safety–both on local job-sites and by pushing for legislation across the country.  Safety and quality are the two driving forces behind first-rate training and apprenticeship programs in the building trades. These strides in health and safety have had a positive impact on the lives of workers across Canada.