Unions are one of the most democratic institutions in our country. Each member has an equal voice in the affairs of their local. From regular meetings of members to participation in committees there are opportunities to be involved and help direct the local.

Decisions made at the executive level are brought to the membership for approval and information is shared and is available for all members to see. Important issues may be referred up to councils or the national body for deliberation as appropriate. At the end of the day, members are at the heart of the decision making process.


Unions provide the opportunity for political engagement in our nation’s affairs. They serve their members by providing them with crucial information related to living wages and conditions. They provide voice by engaging their members in the political process.

Members have run successfully for office locally, provincially and federally which allows them to help shape the debate by bringing their experience at the local shop level.

Finally, unions serve as a catalyst in the drive for progressive policies and legislation for working families in all parts of Canada.